Our beliefs about learning and kids focus on the experience; in order to shape young minds, kids have to encounter content in meaningful ways! 



Our education system has remained virtually unchanged for hundreds of years....have our children changed? Has society changed? Of course! We have children with diverse talents and interests, strengths and weaknesses. The end goal is not test scores, following a fairly rigid path to receive a diploma. The focus should be on the child, what they can achieve, what moves them, and where their journey will take them.



We know through years of experience and research that children learn and retain best when they are intimately involved with their educational world. Taking knowledge gained from classes in middle school just to move along a path to the next class in high school is not enough; taking that knowledge and applying it to the real world is truly learning. Having choices in learning leads to a great appreciation for learning.



The impact of true learning centers on "What's next?" Education is the driving force that can change a child's life, make them a more well rounded person, and give them the tools to branch out, seek new knowledge and experiences, and find answers to new questions. If children truly understand the value of knowledge and how learning impacts the world, they grow into adults that can change the world!

Founder’s Notes 


I have been very fortunate to have a career that has taken many different paths, enabling me to experience education in a variety of ways. Whether through years of outdoor education in class or my camps, or immersing kids in robotics and coding, or creative solutions in project based learning, I have found the secret to engaging kids in their own learning is......

Wait, you didn't think I was giving my secrets away, did you??

Steve Waterman

aka "Big Cheese"

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