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Curriculum Mentoring

Let us find ways to help your child be successful with any content

We know that your children have unique strengths and weaknesses that impact how well they understand subject areas; we also know that sometimes kids need a little "extra"; extending concepts learned in science, getting additional help with non-fiction writing, tackling double digit multiplication, or pulling it all together in project based learning.

Our Curriculum Mentoring assists with many areas:

  • Small learning groups with a specific focus, such as 5th grade Math or 2nd Grade Writing.

  • Extended learning, such as a group of 3rd and 4th graders completing engineering tasks using design thinking.

  • A topic focused class, such as a 6 week unit on Life Sciences.

We can setup Curriculum Mentoring for you in several ways:

  • Tell us what your child's needs are, and we will work with other families to create an appropriate group and schedule.

  • If you are in a co-op group, we can customize learning and scheduling to best fit your group.

  • You can check the website periodically for pre-scheduled Mentoring opportunities.

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