Elementary School

Grades K - 5

Engage and excite your child with our variety of options!

We offer a variety of classes for elementary students, based on students' educational needs and desires. Certified and experienced teachers breathe life into the curriculum with Learning Groups, assisting students achieve success in any area.

Our Elementary program offers two versions; (1)  Curriculum Mentoring, where we offer teacher assistance with designated grade levels and subject areas, and (2) Customizable blocks of time where we meet with parents and design learning groups specifically tailored to your student needs. 

Learning Groups are typically 6 - 10 students, depending on student needs and focus. 

Elementary students can also participate in a wide variety of classes and clubs, depending on availability, such as those below. 


Virtual Learning Groups

Many elementary students are choosing the option of online virtual school!

Our Virtual Learning Groups combine virtual mentoring with small learning groups, allowing children the best of both worlds!


1) Families schedule VLG blocks of time; typically, these groups meet 3 - 4 times per week for 2 - 3 hour blocks. 

2) During half of the block students work on their virtual curriculum with a mentor, who helps keep them on track and assist when students need help.

3) Students spend the second half of the block immersed in enrichment studies, which may include STEM activities, project based learning, etc.

Virtual Learning Groups enable families the flexibility of virtual learning combined with structured enrichment activites that continue building knowledge and skills, and socialization time with peers.

Literature Clubs
Robotics Clubs
Science Classes
Coding Clubs
Outdoor Education


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