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Check out our campaign videos, then help my students by voting for a new state bird of Florida! After reading an article on NPR about a movement to change the state bird, currently the mockingbird, students formed campaign teams to promote 4 species; Flamingo, Scrub Jay, Osprey, and Roseate Spoonbill. Videos and social media followed, all to get your vote! If you can help, PLEASE:

1) Check out the videos on our YouTube Channel -

2) View their Instagram posts below, and look for their other platforms:

- Mockingbird TikTok: @vote4mockingbird4

- Scrub Jay IG: @scrubjay2022

- Flamingo IG: @vote_for_flamingo

- Osprey IG: @florida.osprey

- Roseate Spoonbill IG: @roseate_spoonbill_mml

3) Vote -

4) PLEASE SHARE! We are trying to reach 5,000 votes!!!

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