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ELA Review:

*You have two sets of "Task Cards"; these might have sentences, passages, and questions on them.*
A. Theme
1) Open the first set titled Theme Task Cards 1 - 8. For each card CAREFULLY read the passage. Look for CLUES to help you find the "Theme". Theme is like a Life Lesson, or a Moral that your parents teach you.
2) On the Theme Handout, look at each answer choice for each card. Circle the one that best sounds like a Theme (NOT main idea). 

B. Context Clues
1) Open the second set titled Context Clues Level 2. For each card CAREFULLY read the sentences, find the underlined word, and determine the meaning using clues from the sentences.
2) On a sheet of notebook paper OR open a doc on your computer, write your name, title of the assignment (Context Clues), and number from 1 - 16. 
3) For each card, write the letter of the answer AND the answer.

Theme Task Cards 1- 8

Theme Task Cards 9-16