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Our Mission

Experiences Shape the Mind

Our mission focuses on providing students with experiences that are relevant to their world, engage their minds, encourage critical thinking, and enable them to pursue their passions.

Our beliefs about learning and kids focus on the experience; in order to shape young minds, kids have to encounter content in meaningful ways! 

Meet The Team


Steve Waterman

Steve is the director of Modern Minds, a 25+ year educator, and lifetime enthusiast of learning in fun ways! I was inspired by my own children to think outside the box and help kids make sense of the world around them through participation. My hope is that Modern Minds offers families an option for learning that appeals to their sense of wonder and desire to understand the world around them.


Tiffany Seltzer

Tiffany is a veteran educator who understands the need to engage kids in their own learning, and creates a classroom atmosphere to help kids grow as students and people. Whether kids are working on STEM skills, studying whales in conservation, or completing projects in their online learning, Tiffany is there to guide them.

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Caroline Desorbo

Caroline has been working directly with children since 2017 both in a home and school environment. She is passionate about helping students work through and overcome challenges. Whether it’s facilitating an escape room activity, helping with organizational skills, or tutoring, Caroline finds the most fulfillment when kids accomplish their goals. 

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