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City Engineers

Students were tasked with designing and building cities of the future, using mostly recyclables! Their cities were focused on STEM, Conservation, and themes that were unique to their population.

Please look through the pictures and descriptions of each city, then click on the link to vote for your favorite......thank you!

After looking through each city, CLICK HERE TO VOTE PLEASE

Paradise Point

At paradise point, everything we do, we do for the greater good of
our island and our citizens. From helping the environment and
conservation, to decreasing crime and being fair in prosecution ,
we cover all bases of making our island a better place to be.
Paradise point is also centered on tourism, with unique hotels,
places to go, and things to do. We elect our officials based on
experience, qualification, and merit, ensuring only the best
leaders for our government. Altogether, from artsy and social to
chill and relaxing, paradise point is the perfect place to go if you
want a good vacation or a developed city to call home.

Haven's Peak

HavensPeak, nestled in a suburban setting with mountains, lakes, and parks, offers a wealth of outdoor activities like hiking, train rides, swimming, ziplining, and camping at Mt. Taylor and Lake Evermore . The city’s center boasts attractions such as a 9-square stadium and an annual summer music festival. Conservation is key in our city, with recycled materials used for city ground. Housing options include estates, apartments, and dorms, with healthcare benefits for families and first responders. Whether you’re just visiting, or you call HavensPeak your home, everyday you'll live your wildest dreams. 


Welcome to Flipflopolis, tropical paradise where palm trees sway to the rhythm of the ocean breeze. Flipflopolis offers many activities such as go karting, a boardwalk, a step dancing club, and stadium for the sports fans.  Flipflopolis also offers a beach if you are a surf fan or just like to hang out in the sand. We also have education systems such as elementary,middle and high schools. We also offer a neighborhood with a variety of different houses, condos and apartments by the beach for those who enjoy the view of the beach . We also offer hotels for all the tourists that come into our city. And remember Flipflopolis soak in the sunshine, dance in the sea breeze. Your oasis of joy awaits.

Citrus Fruits

Our city, Hydropolis, is environmentally friendly, water-powered and has a lot of trees so you don’t cough to death. Hydropolis has A BUNCH of attractions to keep you, your family members and friends entertained. We are a very unique city because our city is shaped in a way that stands out(a circle), and we also have everything you need like water, food, houses, etc—basically anything you want! For education for your kids, we got it! Everything from pre-school to collages! We also have first responders like police officers and firefighters. This is one of the best cities you could vote for. Don’t miss your chance!


Here in AeroBay we have awesome transportation, top notch education, and here you’ll “Fly High and Cast Far”. Our laws help keep our city safe like our non smoking law for residential and school zones to keep our residents safe. We have many different types of transportation like our train that can take you anywhere in AeroBay and our nearby neighboring cities . Our education here accepts all for school to learn and become educated. So, come to AeroBay and experience a lifetime of adventure!

Speed Central

Speed Central focuses on road and environmental safety, having a world-class racetrack and a top-notch racing school. For entertainment, it features the world's largest Dave and Busters, a movie theater, mini golf, an underground museum, Sky Zone, and much more. For healthcare, Speed Central has a 5-story vet, numerous quick care clinics, hospitals, and care for both humans and animals. It's a city where safety, entertainment, and healthcare merge to create an exceptional living experience. Welcome to Speed Central – where the thrill of speed meets a commitment to well-being!

Pou Paradise

In Pou Paradise, rules are the backbone of our thriving city. Our traffic flow is like a well due to our amazing laws, ensuring swift responses in emergencies. Recreation is responsibly embraced, focusing on preserving public spaces and cultural heritage. Free healthcare for high-risk professions reflects our commitment to every citizen's well-being. Pou Paradise, where rules create a secure haven for dreams to flourish.


Victory Ville isn't just a regular city; it's a mix of fun, luxury, and caring for the environment. You can try indoor skiing, stay in fancy hotels, and relax on a beautiful beach. The city's top college is into science and conservation, making sure people know about and protect the Earth. Victory Ville is cool because it's modern and eco-friendly. The city has cool buildings, uses clean energy, and manages waste well. People here naturally live in a way that's good for the Earth. Victory Ville is where you can have a great time and also do right by the planet – and here, you'll never catch an L!

SillyBilly Ville

SillyBilly Ville is a charming island town full of delightful attractions! Its bustling airport serves as a gateway for travelers, while the local movie theater screens the latest films for entertainment. With not just one, but two cozy cafes, residents can enjoy tasty treats and refreshing beverages. The esteemed Modern Minds School caters to the intellectually inclined, alongside the public and middle schools for broader education. Accommodations range from the quaint Inn to luxurious apartments and opulent houses, including those owned by notable figures such as Mrs. P, Mr. Waterman, and Ms. Kerrigan It's a truly enchanting city.

Bright-Water Bay

Bright-Water Bay is a thriving coastal community that is completely sustainable. The energy relies mostly on solar with other power sources sprinkled around like turning trash into energy and wind turbines. In addition, we keep co2  emissions to a minimum by discouraging cars and motorcycles with few roads and our extensive bullet train network. Our bullet train, based on the Japanese Shinkansen, is completely powered by clean electricity and is one of the fastest in the world at 200 miles per hour. We have various nature preserves placed around the city. It is illegal to litter and if you are caught smoking you have to pay a fine. For recreation, we have an enormous public park, complete with a large lake perfect for fishing and boating. We also have a gym, athletics field, and a myriad of small islands, which are preserved for conservation and feature numerous hiking trails. These, as well as our sustainable fishing industry, eco-friendly agriculture, clean electricity, and tourism power our city’s economy, and along with our mall, create lots of good jobs for its inhabitants. In addition, the north-east sector of Bright-Water Bay is full of apartment buildings, located near the university. There is also a large neighborhood of spacious houses with large yards that is by the bay. In conclusion, we are a city dedicated to sustainability and the preservation of nature, and will continue to move forward to a world that is better for everyone.


Here in Hiddleston de Kirkjufell, we cherish the natural beauty of our surroundings, which is why we've implemented our fully renewable energy system. Using hydroelectric dams along with wind turbines, we sustainably harness all the power needed for our city. Our commitment to preserving the environment extends to our love for tourism, evident in the amusement park
designed for both your enjoyment and ours. We are also home to stunning landmarks, including the iconic Kirkjufell, which is the foundational centerpiece of our city. Come experience the beauty of our city and join us in our dedication to sustainable living.

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