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Welcome to Modern Minds Learning!

We appreciate your interest in our school, and we look forward to having you join our MML family!

Application Process

Applying to our school is an easy process, and we keep an open line of communication while you are waiting for your acceptance letter in case  you have questions.

  • If you have not already done so, we encourage you to visit the Inquire page to setup a tour or speak with a staff member.

  • Visit the Tuition page to ensure you are familiar with Tuition and Fees, what's included in tuition, and any additional fees.

  • Complete the online application at the link below

  • Gather your paperwork; to enroll you'll need:

    1. Copy of your child's birth certificate​

    2. Florida Certificate of Immunization DH 680, or DH 681 (religious exemption)

      1. Your previous public or private school should have a record​

      2. If your physician participates in the "Florida Shots" program, you can access it on the web to download and print, or email to us:

    3. School Health Entry Form - DOH 3040 - Your child's physcian should have one

      1. For 6th graders a "Scoliosis Check" is required; on the form it should be listed as "Postural Assessment", or thje doctor can include a written note telling the results.​

    4. Academic records from your previous school (past 2 years)

      1. Records should include all classes taken, grades earned in each class, attendance records, disciplinary records, and other student data.

    5. If your child is receiving a Florida Scholarship, please provide a copy of the award letter from the state.

      1. If you are planning on using any Florida Scholarship at Modern Minds, please speak to us first so we can discuss the rules and procedures required by the state for each scholarship.​

  • After receiving the application, a staff member will contact you to setup an interview

  • Once all documentation is submitted and reviewed by staff, fees are paid, and the interview is complete, we'll contact you to discuss your child's status for enrollment at Modern Minds, and answer any questions you may have.

Click here for our online application

Application must be submitted online, cannot be printed and completed.

Our Students

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