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Who can attend?

Anyone! We have kids who participate in our Academy, Camps, Enrichment, and Tutoring that are Public, Private, and Homeschool students.

Are you a public school?

No, we are a private company that offers educational services. Our Academy runs like a school.

Is there a cost? 

Yes, there are fees for almost all our services, see the pricing page.

Can we start anytime?

Yes, for the most part. As long as we have openings you can start anytime.

What does a typical day in the Academy look like?

Do I need to bring a laptop?

Students spend around 3 - 4 hours on virtual, and then 2 - 3 hours on enrichment. We have several recess periods, lunch and snack time.

For the Academy we ask that kids bring their own devices. We do have backup laptops and desktops if needed. 

Which virtual school should I enroll in?

Your virtual school is a choice made by you and your parents. There are several choices available, but most of our students opt for Florida Virtual School.

Can I come part time?

Yes, we have students that attend both full time and part time.

Can I choose a different curriculum?

Yes, we also have Homeschool students that opt to choose their own curriculum and not virtual school.

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Do we still have to take FSA?

Depends on the program you enroll in, we help determine whether or not you participate in state wide assessments.

Besides tuition, what other costs are there?

What grades attend Modern Minds?

There is a $100 enrollment fee, and a $50 materials fee. In addition, any field studies may have a fee.

We accept grades 4 - 8 for our Academy, but Enrichment, Tutoring, Camps, etc. may have different ages.

Is Virtual Learning For You?

Families Enjoy the Options!

Virtual School Mentoring

 More and more families are embracing online learning to meet the needs of their children! Virtual school enables your family flexibility of time, diverse options of courses, independent pace of learning, and a personalized approach to learning.


However, most parents lack the time and resources to ensure their children's needs are being met and they have a chance at online success. Our program:

  • Provides a dedicated time and space for your child to work in their Florida Virtual School program.

  • Provides your child with a certified teacher to oversee their progress and give support when help is needed.

  • Allows for flexibility of time within our daily schedule.

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