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Our mission is to empower student independence by offering experiential learning opportunities that are directly aligned with real-world applications. We are committed to fostering intellectual engagement, cultivating critical thinking skills, and encouraging the pursuit of individual passions as integral components of holistic education.

Welcome to Modern Minds Learning!

As you begin your search for a school that's a perfect fit for your family, we are honored that you are considering Modern Minds Learning for your child's education. I am happy to share some insights into our private school, how we function and meet the needs of students, and what we have to offer your family.

Our school focuses on providing a nurturing and challenging environment where students are immersed in STEM and Conservation programs, while benefiting from the rigor and flexibility of online learning. We offer a low teacher to student ratio, highly qualified staff, flexible schedule, and multiple field experiences to support our vision of students learning best through experiences. In order to proivide students with thje skills to excel in high school, college, and a continually evolving society, we emphasize a problem based learning approach in the learning environment. Students thrive in being challenged and thinking about real world problems, and coming up with viable solutions.

While we have an exceptionally unique learning environment for our students, we like to think an equally important attribute is our family style atmosphere. As a small school with a diverse student body we foster a culture where students develop close bonds with other students and teachers, and we instill a respect for the feelings and happiness of others. Students are valued for their individuality as well as their character traits that help them become productive adults.

Please take the time to explore our website and become more familiar with our programs and staff. We look forward to meeting with your family!


Steve Waterman

Founder and Principal

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