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  Outdoor Education 

How Does Our Academy Work?


Core Learning

Families enroll their children in a virtual program, such as Florida Virtual School, K12, Connections Academy, etc.; or a family chosen homeschool curriculum program. Modern Minds provides assistance with enrollment, choosing classes, and programs.

A typical day at Modern Minds centers on "Core Learning", which means students work independently on their assignments for each class. Students focus primarily on Core Courses; Math, Social Studies, Language Arts, and Science. Students spend anywhere from 60 - 70% of their day on Core Learning, depending on their ability and determination.



Teachers provide support for students during Core Learning time by answering questions, assisting with assignments, and monitoring progress. Students and their mentors get together weekly to chat about their goals and progress.

Mentors are always present to provide a nurturing hand with any issue, from troubleshooting technical issues,  interacting with virtual teachers, and providing mini lessons. Often times students need help with a simple math problem one day, organizing and checking progress the next day, and working completely independent the following day.



Students are engaged in our Modern Minds classes, which can include Robotics, STEM, Outdoor Education, 3D Printing, Novel Studies, etc. We incorporate core academics into their enrichment, while keeping the activities engaging.

Our program also includes time for Field Studies, Service Learning, Science Labs, and Engineering activities. A typical school year includes numerous trips to parks, whether to meet with a ranger to discuss native plants and animals or paddle in Mosquito Lagoon in search of horseshoe crabs. 

What are the benefits?

Small Learning Environment

Small school size AND small classes offer security, familiarity, and focus on learning. Currently we average 17 students per class. Keeping numbers low helps kids collaborate and build trust with their peers.

Individual Suppport

Our small learning environment enables us to closely monitor your child's academic progress and emotional well being. Individual assistance is available throughout the day, as well as peer mentoring, to help your child stay on track.

Flexibility for Families

Utilizing virtual classes allows 24/7 access to classes, helping families navigate after school activities, work schedules, appointments, and family vacations. Students can utilize time with us to accelerate their learning or keep on track.

Diverse Curriculum

Outside of virtual classes, our enrichment classes immerse students in engaging activities that not only support core learning but touch on real world, relevant experiences. We also emphasize field studies to support learning.