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Independent School

Enrolling students now for the 2024 - 2025 School Year!  

Join Us! Enrolling students in grades 3 - 8. Combining Virtual Learning with Conservation Science and STEM!


Our Program

Modern students and families are increasingly taking advantage of online learning, and we have just the opportunities available to help them succeed. At our private school students learn core academics through a virtual program chosen by the family. Once enrolled, students have a teacher at Modern Minds who mentors them with classwork, projects, organization skills, etc.


When not working virtually, students participate in our Conservation Science and STEM programs. A typical week might see them studying climate change, going on a paddle trip to look at horseshoe crabs, designing and printing 3d objects, using Design Engineering to address a problem, solving their way out of an Escape Room, or coding a robot to win a bowling tournament! Our flexible schedule enables students to pariticipate in a variety of field trips, all geared towards engaging their minds!


Why Us?

Modern kids thrive in a private school environment with learning experiences that are engaging, incorporate real world problem solving, and provide stimulating and fun challenges! 


Online learning allows 24/7 access to
classes an
d individualized pacing! Our schedule allows parents to prioritize family time and extracurricular activities. 


Experienced teachers guide students through the virtual world, while focusing on strengthening both their academics and individualized learning path.


We keep our school population low to maintain focus on the well being and development of students; our average student to teacher ratio is 12:1.


Conservation Field Studies

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