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Club Policies - *Important* - This is a legal document - A release of liability

Please read through each section with your child. When you finish, click on the link below and fill out the form. Students CANNOT attend clubs without agreeing to Club Policies on the form. This form serves as a waiver form for all educational services, such as camps, school events, tutoring, or any other educational services.

A. Registering Your Child - *NOTE - Payment options and requirements may differ among clubs and camps, please read your registration form carefully.

Registrations must be completed either online or submitted on our Club Registration forms. Failure to provide all required information may result in a child not being allowed to attend camp. All campers must fill out our Camper Liability forms, and other forms necessary for each type of camp. Information from these forms is required not only for the safety and well being of your child, but from our Insurance Company as well.

B. Payments and Cancellations

Each camp requires either a deposit or full payment for camp registration; lack of deposits for payments will result in a child losing a spot in camp. Since we are a small camp, we limit the number of participants, and therefore require deposits. Deposit and payment amounts vary depending on the camp, but policies regarding deposits and payments are below:

  • A $50 deposit is required for all campers, or full payment if stated on the registration form, The deposit holds a spot in camp until full payment is made.

  • All deposits are due within 2 weeks after initial registration, or 1 week if specified on the registration form. If registration is made less than 2 weeks from the start of camp, full payment is required.

  • The deposit is refundable if cancellation is made AT LEAST 2 WEEKS PRIOR TO THE START OF CAMP. Cancellations made less than 2 weeks prior to the start of camp will result in LOSS OF DEPOSIT.

  • Full payment is required within 2 WEEKS of the start of camp.

  • If full payment is made and then a camper cancels 2 weeks or more before the start of camp, the payment is COMPLETELY REFUNDABLE.

  • If full payment is made and then a camper cancels less than 2 weeks prior to the start of camp, the full payment, MINUS A $50 DEPOSIT, will be refunded.

  • If full payment is made there are NO REFUNDS once camp starts. 

C. Activity Changes

There are occasions when a planned camp activity must be modified due to difficulty locating materials, change of interests among our campers, etc. If any change are made, an alternate activity will be planned. 

D. Behavior Rules and Expectations

  1. Each camper must treat everyone else at camp with respect and consideration.

  2. We expect all campers to be respectful and responsible at all times.

  3. Cursing, swearing, and foul language is not acceptable and will not be tolerated.

  4. Stealing is not tolerated. If you find something that does not belong to you, you must return it to the rightful owner or bring it to the lost and found (ask your counselor). We do reserve the right to search personal belongings, with the camper present.

  5. Inappropriate physical touch or suggestive behavior is not acceptable and will not be tolerated. (Zero Tolerance)

  6. Guns, knives, fireworks or any other kinds of weapons are not allowed. (Zero Tolerance)

  7. We will not tolerate intimidation, verbal or physical abuse, or destruction of property. (Zero Tolerance)

  8. Alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs, smoking, or tobacco products are not allowed. (Zero Tolerance)

If at any time a camper is unable to uphold these expectations or behaves in a manner which jeopardizes the physical and/or emotional safety of him/herself, other campers, Modern Minds Learning staff or the integrity of the camp program, the Camp Director will notify the parent(s) or guardian and steps will be taken to resolve the situation.

Zero tolerance / Discipline

If the Zero Tolerance rules are broken, there will be no warning, parents will be contacted and will be required to make immediate arrangements to pick up the child. We do not want to send anyone home, but we make it priority #1 for everyone to feel safe and comfortable when in our care! We will go over expectations with children when we arrive at camp the first day. This includes the zero tolerance and discipline policy. We expect that everyone will behave in a respectful manner towards other children and staff. Children will receive a verbal warning for disruptive or inappropriate behavior. If problem persists, campers may be taken out of activities for a block of time (starting with 15 minutes). 

E. Emergency Medical Authorization & Liability Release Information 

Even if a parent gives written consent for emergency medical treatment, when a student becomes ill or injured and requires emergency medical treatment while under the supervision of the Modern Minds Learning staff, every reasonable attempt will be made to contact the parent/guardian before the treatment is given. This form (or a copy thereof) shall be presented to the hospital or practitioner rendering treatment.

In the event reasonable attempts to contact me at the phone numbers listed above have been unsuccessful, I hereby give my consent for the administration of any treatment deemed necessary by a licensed physician, dentist or hospital. This authorization does not cover major surgery unless the medical opinions of two other licensed physicians or dentists, concurring in necessity for such surgery, are obtained before surgery is performed. 

Liability Release: MODERN MINDS LEARNING, LLC, has an excellent safety record and every reasonable effort is made to safeguard participants. We (the applicant and family) have been fairly and honestly informed that certain risks and dangers are inherent in program activities and that this release has been given in consideration of the acceptance by MODERN MINDS LEARNING, LLC of the applicant to participate in the program. Other than gross negligence, I, for myself, my son/ daughter/ward and heirs, release MODERN MINDS LEARNING, LLC, its agents, officers, employees, directors, guide services it contracts with of all liabilities for any loss/damage to property and body or personal injury sustained on this trip. I/we waive all claims caused by a failure to follow instructions. MODERN MINDS LEARNING, LLC will: answer all questions and inform participants about safety; use care in choosing and training guides; provide the safest experience possible; send home anyone who is jeopardizing the safety and success of themselves, or the group. 

MODERN MINDS LEARNING, LLC has rules to ensure the safety and well being of all our campers. These rules prohibit the use of alcohol, drugs, and tobacco. We adhere to the ZERO Tolerance rule--there will be no warning for any camper caught participating in these types of activities. MODERN MINDS LEARNING, LLC will not tolerate violent or inappropriate behavior or "games" which might endanger the safety of others. Also, due to the co-ed nature of camp, we have strict rules on what is interpreted as inappropriate behavior between girls and boys.

We hereby certify that our child is mentally and physically fit to enthusiastically participate. We hereby grant permission for the child to participate in all activities organized by or through MODERN MINDS LEARNING, LLC. If at any time these rules are not adhered to, we, the parents do agree to take full responsibility of our child's actions, and will make arrangements for the immediate retrieval of our child. Our child agrees that they will completely and fully understand any activity before they begin, and that they agree to ask any questions to make sure they are fully aware of how to use equipment and participate in the activity.

All campers and families are responsible for acquiring their own health insurance. MODERN MINDS LEARNING, LLC does not provide medical coverage for injuries sustained while participating in any camp activities or events, on any premises, or during travel between activities, events, or designated pickup and dropoff locations. You have adequate health, disability, and life insurance for yourself and your child. 

We understand that our child will come in contact with equipment, furniture, materials, supplies, and other items that have been touched or used by other campers , as well as coming in contact with other campers. Maintaining proper social distancing, using masks and other personal protection equipment is optional and voluntary to protect your child and other children. Your child will be required to disinfect and/or wash their hands after each activity during camp, including prior to entering vans for transport. Our child will not attend camp if they are exhibiting any signs of illness such as upset stomach, sore throat, coughing, sneezing, headache, or chills. You and your child assume the risk of becoming a carrier or becoming sick from any illness, virus, bacterial infections, or other diseases while participating in activities.

You certify that you have reviewed this document with your child. You certify that you have examined the MODERN MINDS LEARNING, LLC website and looked at the information, risks, and information posted on the company website. You certify that you and/or your child are fully capable of participating in any program or activity offered by MODERN MINDS LEARNING, LLC. You state that you have read the above statements on the risks involved in MODERN MINDS LEARNING, LLC activities, and your assume full responsibility for yourself and your minor children for bodily injury, death, and loss of personal property and expenses as a result of your negligence, negligence of your child or other family members, or the negligence of MODERN MINDS LEARNING, LLC. You hereby expressly consent and assume all risks of the activities for yourself, your child, and any other family members, including the risks associated with traveling to and from any MODERN MINDS LEARNING, LLC activities. You also understand that MODERN MINDS LEARNING, LLC reserves the right to refuse  and person it judges to be incapable of meeting the rigors and requirements of participating in any activities. Your child is in good physical condition and able to undertake any MODERN MINDS LEARNING, LLC activities. You understand that this is a voluntary activity, and your child is participating for recreational purposes. As a parent, you agree to read and explain to your child all rules, procedures, and safety requirements and agree that your child will obey all instructions from staff. 

The signing of this form consents my agreement.

Media Release: We grant permission to make photographic/digital records for promotional purposes without recourse or compensation. This agreement will be interpreted under the laws and disputes will be settled exclusively in the jurisdiction of the State of Florida. This is a release of liability. Do not sign this agreement if you do not understand or do not agree with its terms.

Participants/Guardians Responsibilities and Agreement: We have read and agree with all terms and agreements as stated. No representation or warranties have been made other than those contained in the brochure. We have read and agree with all terms and agreements as stated.

Pickup/Drop Off Policy: Campers must be picked up at the end of each day (3:00 PM) to allow us time to clean up and prepare for the following day. Campers picked up late will charged an additional $15 per occurrence. If an issues arises the parent must contact us within 1 hour of the end of camp to make arrangements for later pickup.

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