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2022 - 2023 Applications Available!
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Join Us! Enrolling students in grades 4 - 8. Combining virtual school with Outdoor Education and STEM!

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Our Program

Modern students and families are increasingly taking advantage of online learning, and we have just the opportunities available to help them succeed. Students learn core academics through a virtual program chosen by the family. Once enrolled, students have a teacher at Modern Minds who mentors them with classwork, projects, organization skills, etc.


When not working virtually, students participate in our Outdoor Education and Engineering programs. A typical week might see them studying climate change, going on a paddle trip to look at horseshoe crabs, designing and printing 3d objects, using Design Engineering to solve a problem, solving their way out of an Escape Room, or coding a robot to win a bowling tournament! Our educational services include private tutoring.

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Why Us?

Modern kids thrive in an environment with learning experiences that are engaging, incorporate real world problem solving, and provide a challenge! 


Online learning allows 24/7 access to
classes and individualized pacing!


Experienced teachers guide students through the virtual world


Classes average 18 - 20 kids in a small school setting


Families greatly enjoy the ease of planning appointments, vacations, etc. with the flexible virtual platforms.

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Conservation Field Studies